Why Choosing a Casino Isn’t Always Better the Bigger the Better

Why Choosing a Casino Isn’t Always Better the Bigger the Better

Look at any photo of the Las Vegas Strip and the first thing that hits home is the number of casinos in town. Most of them are small casinos in the traditional sense, but are resorts in their own right. In fact, a large part of the trip to Vegas is to be as attractive as possible. It’s a city of excess and debauchery – basically the unofficial Disneyland of the adult world. So coming home from Vegas and back to your local casinos can be a bit of a hassle.

After experiencing the excitement of the big city, the small casino of your town may not seem like much fun. But here’s the thing – weight isn’t always good when it comes to casinos. In fact, there are many reasons why taking your business to a small casino can be more rewarding than hitting the biggest company in the world. Without taking anything away from the big casinos we all know and love, but here’s why small casinos are often superior:


How Players Lose More Than They Expect

Many people who are aware of the house edge still don’t really grasp its implications for their bankrolls. They believe that the roughly 5% edge that the house has at the roulette table means that they can reasonably expect to sit down with $100, gamble for a few hours, and the odds are that they will only lose about $5. They fail to understand that the house edge applies not to their starting bankroll but to the total amount that they wager.

For example, assume a person is making $5 bets on every spin of the roulette wheel, and the wheel spins 50 times an hour. While the person betting may be winning some bets and losing other bets, they are wagering $250 an hour. If the house edge plays out perfectly, at the end of four hours of play, they lose $50, or 5% of $1,000—an amount 10 times greater than they had expected.

1 – They are not like the crowd

First, the casino fills up like the front row of a music festival and is quickly lost. All the noise and chaos can be overwhelming at first, especially as a newcomer. But after hours of being bombarded, punched, and beaten all because of traffic jams, you may feel like something more peaceful is waiting for you.

A small casino is great for a relaxing and laid-back getaway, when you’d rather not brave the crowds. They can also be as social as their larger counterparts, since you won’t have to shout so loudly that everyone sitting next to you can hear it.

2 – Other relationships with vendors

Sit down at your blackjack table with a bunch of other players and it’s business for the dealer. Points count double if you bet £5 per hand and your team wins £500 at the same time. Either way, you won’t get many conversations or messages from the sellers. In contrast, sit at a quiet table in a normal situation and it’s a different story. You can ask the dealer questions, chat with them as the game unfolds, and have a completely immersive experience. Not to mention the added benefit of not being intimidated by being a newcomer to a table full of loud (and annoying) high rollers.

Meanwhile, there’s something uniquely satisfying about walking into a local casino and being recognised. Or more specifically, being appreciated as the regular patron you are. Smaller casinos are able to offer the kind of personal service that goes way beyond any larger establishment. To be greeted by name and given the full personal treatment at a major casino in Vegas you’d need to be spending a small fortune with each visit. Locally, you’re appreciated and valued simply for turning up – a far more rewarding and satisfying experience.

3 – A better service for everyone

You can walk into the same Vegas casino at the same time, on the same day for weeks and still feel like home. It is understandable, given that the biggest casinos in the world usually welcome tens of thousands of players every day. It fits well, but it’s not exactly a personal experience. Meanwhile, there is something satisfying about getting into a local casino and being famous. Or more specifically, you will be greeted as the customer you always are. A small casino is able to offer the kind of personalized service that surpasses any large establishment. In order to be greeted by a name and get the perfect personal treatment at a Las Vegas casino, you’ll have to spend less every time you visit. Locally, you are greeted and valued just for your presence – a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

4 – More control and personal training

It is the norm to walk into a large casino with the intention of playing for an hour or two, then spend the whole day. Casinos are generally designed to be fun and controlled. Their goal is to get you so overwhelmed that you forget common sense and spend every penny you have. As big as the casino, the bright and shiny distractions will keep you well and truly on the edge of it.

Smaller casinos are different, because they usually have a smaller selection of games. Maybe just a number of tables and rows of slot machines, without the usual million dollar distractions from every corner. This can make it easier to do personal training at a local casino, rather than going overboard. It’s still an immersive experience, but not on the same level of awesomeness as a large casino.

5 – Better loyalty program

As you might expect, most of the big casinos like to accommodate big spenders. They attract millions of shoppers every year, many of whom spend a lot of money. And to make sure they spend as much as possible, they have a loyalty program that prioritizes wealthy players. Elsewhere, smaller casinos are the places to go for more loyalty programs. That’s people who focus on casual players. A small casino rewards program involves redeeming fixed points for gifts and services. Free food, free drinks, birthday gifts, bonus points at checkout –

Finally, playing locally also means you never have to wait in line to play the games you’re focused on. The bigger and busier the casino, the higher the availability of seats. After this, people around you are waiting for you to leave, fluttering like flies without giving you an inch of space. MORE

Also, the hustle and bustle of the casino can be very exciting for a while. But for those who want to enjoy their favorite game in peace, everything can get boring very quickly. Especially if you only have a short amount of time, you’d better not waste time in the queue to get a seat.